Hypocritically Acclaimed Network LLC is a media company focused on urban and popular news, media, sports, and culture.  Entertaining & uniting our viewers & listeners (The Hypocrites) with our spin on media coverage,  unearthing the sensitive topics, & giving a voice to the unheard is what makes Hypocritically Acclaimed unique.  We appreciate your continued support!

Meet The Team

Jami Hightower

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You hear that weird laugh in the background of all of our productions?... It's this guy.

Ray Patterson

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You know that show we're always talking about... The Ray Patt Show?.. 

It's this guy.

H2 Ent Group

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Media Partner

Ever wonder how in the hell all of our productions and media look so damn good?  It's this company.

Elijah Sullivan

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You can spot Sullie's voice in a crowd of 5000 people. His personality isn't that bad neither.

Super Patadia

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Social Media


You ever heard of Rose Colored Glasses? You should.  They pretty run our social media. 

Seyi Adewuya

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Ever wonder who made that fire ass beat playing in the background?

It's this guy. He's cold. 

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