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Hypocritically Acclaimed Network LLC is a media company focused on urban and popular news, media, sports, and culture.  Entertaining & uniting our viewers & listeners (The Hypocrites) with our spin on media coverage,  unearthing the sensitive topics, & giving a voice to the unheard is what makes Hypocritically Acclaimed unique.  We appreciate your continued support!

Meet The Team

H2EG Logo 2015.jpg

Jami Hightower


You hear that weird laugh in the background of all of our productions?... It's this guy.


Ray Patterson


You know that show we're always talking about... The Ray Patt Show?.. 

It's this guy.


H2 Ent Group

Media Partner

Ever wonder how in the hell all of our productions and media look so damn good?  It's this company.

TRPS S3 Casiano.png

James Casiano



Casiano loves sports just as much as anyone we know.  And he just so happens to be very good at covering it. 

H2EG Logo 2015.jpg

Super Patadia

Social Media


You ever heard of Rose Colored Glasses? You should.  They pretty much run our social media. 

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Creator Portal

Content Creator

Want to join our team as a content creator?  Clicking here is a good place to start. 

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