Nobody Cares

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Watching Dez Bryant get hurt last year before even playing a down the with New Orleans Saints was down right heartbreaking. Facing anxiety and depression in his absence from the field, Dez reflects on the Ezekiel Elliot drama, stating that the lawsuit on Zeke, right in the midst of landing the largest contract of his life, is similar to what triggered his mental state. “What I realized is nobody cares but me.”


Makes us think, do we really give a shit about the athletes that play the sports we love and support? The answer is no. A majority of us don’t. The good thing is, players are starting to realize it a lot sooner in their careers, and are now looking out for themselves first. And we don’t blame them.


Have you ever had your jersey burned? Hate mail? Your character defamed? Blacklisted? People in your circle of trust preying on you? Forums with coaches, friends, and fans blasting you anonymously? Didn’t think so. Athletes have endured it all.


Salute to you Dez, the guy we loved to hate for so long, for staying focused, healthy, and not losing your passion for the sport amidst the adversities. You got you. That’s all that matters. 🏈🖤


Jami Hightower | H2EG Sports

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