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Lebron James does not live up to Michael Jordan in Space Jam 2

Space Jam 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 1996 film starring Micheal Jordan, has just been released. The movie stars NBA star Lebron James as he teams up with some of his best friends from the basketball court to help save a group of children from an alien land called "Moron Mountain." While critics have generally given positive reviews for the movie itself, they are divided on whether or not it was worth waiting 20 years for a sequel.

The reviews of this movie have been split down the middle with some people praising it as a "masterpiece" and others calling it "just another sports movie." However, there is one thing everyone can agree on... LeBron James does not live up to Micheal Jordan's role in this movie. In fact, reviewers are finding that LeBron's acting skills are lackluster and his performance leaves much to be desired. It feels like he did not put any effort into his character at all which is unfortunate considering how popular he is now.

Some publications like Entertainment Weekly and Rotten Tomatoes gave mixed reviews about how well paced the plot is, with Variety giving it a negative review, stating that "Space Jam 2 feels like one giant advertisement stuffed into two hours."

Our thoughts on Space Jam 2:

“Space Jam 2 should of aired on HSN, not HBO Max. I wouldn’t pay six easy payments of $1.99 to watch this in theaters.”

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